Sentence Examples

  • She rose to her tiptoes and kissed him, her own memories of Damian forefront in her mind.
  • He was, therefore, in the forefront of that intellectual revolution in the course of which speculation ceased to move in the realms of the physical 1 and focused itself upon human reason in its application to the practical conduct of life.
  • Lyell again was in the forefront of the progressive movement, and his work on The Antiquity of Man, published in 1863, gave currency for the first time to the new opinions.
  • As a publicist he stood in the forefront of reform.
  • It was the losses entailed upon her commerce by the commercial policy of Jefferson's administration that embittered Boston against the Democratic-Republican party and put her public men in the forefront of the opposition to its policies that culminated in lukewarmness toward the War of 1812, and in the Hartford Convention of 1814.

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