Sentence Examples

  • The windows of the compound at the peak of the mountain were protected by film to keep light from leaking out.
  • "A silent film star," Charlie said.
  • "Don't waste good film on someone who buys her clothes at an outlet mall," Toni said to Laurencio.
  • Hansen showed that the microscopic appearance of film cells of the same species of Saccharomycetes varies according to the temperature of growth; the limiting temperatures of film formation, as well as the time of its appearance for the different species, also vary.
  • 253) on a like subject, proceed to describe a most ingenious form of " Ghost Micrometer," in which the image of a fine line or lines ruled in (or rather cut through) a silver film deposited on glass is formed at the common focus of an object-glass and eyepiece of a telescope.

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