Sentence Examples

  • Plants are furnished with a constructive mechanism by which they are enabled to fabricate the food on which they live from the inorganic, gaseous and liquid matters which they absorb.
  • Again, the Arabic Kit�al-Fihrist, written by al-Nadim towards the end of the Loth century, says that the " people who practise alchemy, that is, who fabricate gold and silver from strange metals, state that the first to speak of the science of the work was Hermes the Wise, who was originally of Babylon, but who established himself in Egypt after the dispersion of the peoples from Babel."
  • A definite agreement was made between them at Joinville (December 31, 1584), the religious and popular pretext being the danger of leaving the kingdom to the king of Navarre, and the ostensible end to secure the succession to a Catholic prince, the old Cardinal de Bourbon, an ambitious and violent man of mean intelligence; while the secret aim was to secure the crown for the Guises, - who had already attempted to fabricate for themselves a genealogy tracing their descent from Charlemagne.
  • A series of over 50 different composite multi-layers were successfully fabricated in our laboratory.
  • Donated Seats - Southend Pier There are two types of donated bench available for placement on Southend Pier - hardwood or steel fabricated.

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