Sentence Examples

  • I thought, however, that the advantage she would derive would not repay her for the time and labour that such an experiment would cost.
  • In the next experiment the air was compressed as before, and then allowed to escape through a long lead tube immersed in the water of a calorimeter, and finally collected in a bell jar.
  • The department of agriculture has an experiment station, established by the state in 1896, in which important experiments in cotton breeding have been carried on.
  • He did not, however, infer that since the heat could not have been supplied by the ice, for ice absorbs heat in melting, this experiment afforded conclusive proof against the substantial nature of heat.
  • In this experiment a great noise was produced, corresponding to a loss of energy, and Joule endeavoured to determine the amount of energy necessary to produce an equal amount of sound from the string of a violoncello and to apply a corresponding correction.

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