Sentence Examples

  • By their edgy exchanges, he could tell Rissa knew her advisor posed some danger.
  • Telegraphic money orders were established in 1850; a cable was laid between Dover and Calais, and in November 1851 the stock exchanges of London and Paris were able for the first time to compare prices during business hours of the same day; numerous companies were formed, some of which were independent of the railways, and keen competition led to considerable extensions of wires and reduction of tariffs, with the result that a large increase in the volume of business took place.
  • It is not practicable to connect each subscriber directly to all the others, hence a system of exchanges has been adopted.
  • The territory in which a telephone administration operates is usually divided into a number of local areas, in each of which one or more exchanges are placed.
  • When the subscribers in a local area exceed a certain number, or when for some other reason it is not convenient or economical to connect all the subscribers in the area to one exchange, it is usual to divide the area into a number of districts in each of which an exchange is placed, and to connect these district exchanges together by means of " junction circuits."

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