Sentence Examples

  • Its most important conclusions were for reciprocity in trade, a continental railway and compulsory arbitration in international complications.
  • The Alaskan boundary, the Atlantic and inland fisheries, the alien labour law, the bonding privilege, the seal fishery in the Bering Sea and reciprocity of trade in certain products were among the subjects considered by the commission.
  • He was criticised, both in England and in Canada, for forwarding, in 1911, in the course of his duties as ambassador, an arrangement for reciprocity between the two North American states; but the general election, which substituted Sir R.
  • - zn +9 1 -z2.1 -z3....1-z8; and since this expression is unaltered by the interchange of n and B we prove Hermite's Law of Reciprocity, which states that the asyzygetic forms of degree 0 for the /t ie are equinumerous with those of degree n for the The degree of the covariant in the variables is e=nO-2w; consequently we are only concerned with positive terms in the developments and (w, 0, n) - (w - r; 0, n) will be negative unless nO It is convenient to enumerate the seminvariants of degree 0 and order e=n0-2w by a generating function; so, in the first written generating function for seminvariants, write z2 for z and az n for a;.
  • The Reciprocity Treaty with the United States, in operation from 1854 to 1866, and the high prices for farm produce due to the American Civil War, brought about an almost hectic prosperity.

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