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  • Moreover, we possess enumerations of towns in the geographical lists of the temple of Karnak and in a hieratic papyrus dating about 200 years after Tethmosis III.
  • The population of Minnesota at the first Federal census (1860) after its admission into the Union was 172,023, and by the succeeding Federal enumerations it was (1870), 439,706; (1880), 780,773; (1890), 1,301,826, excluding Indians (10,096); (1900), 1,751,3 9 4; (1910) 2,075,708.2 Of the total population in 1900, 932,490, or 53.2%, were males, and 818,904, or 46.8%, females; 1,246,076 were native-born; 505,3 1 8, or 28.9%, were foreign-born, and 1,312,019 were of foreign parentage (i.e.
  • The same course was followed at the three succeeding enumerations, but in 1901 the former practice was resumed.
  • This last information was made voluntary in 1881 and the following enumerations without materially affecting the extent of the record.
  • Enumerations were conducted independently by the different states until 1871, when the first federal census was taken of the older parts of the Dominion.

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