Sentence Examples

  • Fermentation now includes all changes in organic compounds brought about by ferments elaborated in the living animal or vegetable cell.
  • The proposed form, first elaborated in the conciliary commission de fide, was the object of long public discussions from the 50th general congregation (May 13th, 1870) to the 85th (July 13th); the constitution as a whole was adopted at a public session, on the r 8th, of the 535 bishops present, two only replied " Non placet "; but about 50 had preferred not to be present.
  • After studying at Marburg under Hermann Kolbe and at Heidelberg under Robert Bunsen, he came to England in 1862 and obtained a position in a chemical works at Widnes, where he elaborated the practical application of a method he had devised for recovering the sulphur lost as calcium sulphide in the black ash waste of the Leblanc alkali process.
  • But, from the national distrust of system, it has not been elaborated into a consistent metaphysic, but is rather traceable as a tendency harmonizing with the spirit of natural science.
  • In L'Evolutionnisme des idees forces (1890), La Psychologie des idees forces (1893), and La Morale des idees forces (1907), is elaborated his doctrine of idees forces, or of mind as efficient cause through the tendency of ideas to realize themselves in appropriate movement.

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