Sentence Examples

  • The value of some of his books is enhanced by numerous illustrations, e.g.
  • Italy, indeed, came out of the Eastern crisis with enhanced prestige and with her relations to Austria greatly improved.
  • The enhanced metabolism creates a current of draught on the supplies of available food-stuffs around.
  • When the pursuit of game becomes the chief occupation of a people there is of necessity a higher development of courage, skill, powers of observation and invention; and these qualities are still further enhanced in predatory tribes who take by force the food, clothing and other property prepared or collected by a feebler people.
  • The value of this external evidence for the history of Israel is enhanced by the fact that biblical tradition associates the changes in the thrones of Israel and Damascus with the work of the prophets Elijah and Elisha, but handles the period without a single reference to the Assyrian Empire.

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