Sentence Examples

  • Choose a Cami Instead of Shapewear: If you only need a little compression to look slim, then wear a camisole with a tighter fit in microfiber, plus a little padding in the bust region to make your waist look skinnier in comparison.
  • Microfiber T-shirts: For the sporty kid on a league, practice T-shirts are available in athletic fabrics made to wick sweat and look great.These tees are very similar to warm-up gear for other sports, and they have a crew neck.
  • This has led to many styles of microfiber shirt lines - from the simple t-shirt offered by Silver Eagle Outfitters to the Hemisphere short-sleeve button-down shirt from TravelSmith, one of the biggest microfiber retailers.
  • When bought from an authorized dealer, these sunglasses are accompanied by a microfiber miracle lens cloth that aids in the cleaning of your lenses, and a sunglasses retainer to keep your frames safe when traveling.
  • Allow wintertime knee high socks to drip dry before tossing them in the hamper, and it might be in your best interest to buy socks that are constructed from a special microfiber for cold weather (and quick drying).