41 Engaging 2nd Grade Writing Prompts (With Free Printable)

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Updated April 14, 2021
2nd grade writing prompts in classroom
    50 Engaging 2nd Grade Writing Prompts
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Second graders are quickly expanding their writing skills. Inspire kids to express themselves with these engaging 2nd grade writing prompts. They're designed to spark the imaginations of seven- and eight-year-olds so they'll be excited to get those pencils moving.

2nd Grade Narrative Writing Prompts

Second graders are ready to start crafting longer and more detailed stories to develop their narrative writing skills. These prompts will help second graders enhance their story-telling and descriptive writing skills.

  • Write about a time the weather was very stormy. What happened? How did you feel?
  • Write about the chores you have to do at home. What are they? How do you do them?
  • Explain a time that someone made you feel really special. What happened?
  • Write about a time that you were kind to someone. What did you do?
  • Write about the best day you have had at school so far. What happened?
  • Explain a scary dream that you have had. What was it about? How did you feel?
  • Write about the most fun vacation you have had. What did you do?
  • Explain the first time you got in trouble. What happened? How did you feel?
  • Describe your favorite holiday memory. Explain what you did and how you felt.
  • Write about a time you went shopping with an adult. What happened?
  • Describe your favorite meal. What foods are included? Why do you like them?

Journal Prompts for 2nd Graders

Second graders are writing individual sentences, not necessarily several paragraphs. So, they need really inspiring prompts to encourage them to expand on their ideas. Here are several options ideally suited for 2nd grade writing activities.

  • Pretend you're in charge of dinner plans tonight. What would you make?
  • Do you like summer or winter better? Why?
  • When was the last time you were sad?
  • Describe someone you love.
  • A fairy gives you one wish. What do you wish for?
  • What would you like to tell the president or prime minister?
  • What are you good at? Why do you like it?
  • Invent a holiday. How would people celebrate?
  • Write a thank-you letter to someone who did something for you.
  • What is your oldest memory? How do you feel about it?

"What If" Fiction Writing Prompts for 2nd Grade

When it comes to using their imaginations, second graders are incredible. They will begin to develop fiction writing skills as they come up with wonderful and creative answers to these "what if" questions.

  • What if cats could talk? What would they say?
  • What if an alien went to your school? Would they be your friend?
  • What if you could travel to the time of dinosaurs? How would you feel? What would you do there?
  • What if you switched places with your mom or dad for a day? What would your day look like?
  • What if you woke up with wings? What would they look like? Where would you fly?
  • What if you had a substitute teacher who was a dog? How would class be different?
  • What if it really did rain cats and dogs? What would you do?
  • What if you could go on a trip anywhere you wanted? Where would you go?
  • What if you had no school for a year? What would you do all day?
  • What if your bedroom had no ceiling? What would you be looking at?

Writing Prompts to Inspire 2nd Graders

Questions prompt second graders to consider new perspectives and ideas in their writing. These questions are great for getting students to write longer responses and expand their use of language.

  • Write a letter telling someone about what you do at school.
  • What are some ways to help someone who is sad?
  • What do you think it was like when your grandparents were little?
  • If you could use a magic wand, what would you do with it?
  • What is the best thing on your school's playground? Why do you like it?
  • What is your favorite thing to drink? What does it taste like?
  • What happens in your favorite book?
  • Describe the perfect birthday party.
  • Has someone done something kind for you lately? What did they do? How did it make you feel?
  • If you could pick anything to wear, what would your outfit look like?

Fun Printable Activities: 2nd Grade Writing Prompts With Pictures

Printable writing worksheets are fun for second grade students while also providing ready-made activities for teachers. The PDF below includes two printable worksheet activities featuring 2nd-grade writing prompts with pictures. The prompts, which are taken from the lists above, are enhanced with images. They provide space for students to write their stories directly on the page.

2nd Grade Writing Prompts with weather pictures

2nd grade writing prompts with pictures

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Writing as a Teaching Tool

Writing is a great way to teach second graders about grammar, help them get familiar with new vocabulary words and even work on spelling. By putting these new skills to use in an exciting way, they will learn that language arts can be fun and rewarding.