Sentence Examples

  • The pupil is always dilated and insensitive to light.
  • In length, with very deep lobes at the lower part, but dilated widely at the apex, and there notched.
  • Lower part of canal, enlarged; o, cavity of canal, surrounded by a sheath of cells, dilated towards the bottom of canal, in which a large pollen-grain is caught; ex, exterior of pollengrain; in, internal group of prothallial or antheridial cells.
  • The tubes have their cavity dilated at intervals, and Penhallow has therefore compared them with the trumpet-hyphae of Laminariaceae, but no transverse septa are anywhere visible.
  • In some instances, as in Tamarix gallica, Peganum Harmala, and Campanula, the base of the filament is much dilated, and ends suddenly in a narrow thread-like portion.

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