Sentence Examples

  • The pupil is always dilated and insensitive to light.
  • Asplanchnaceae, plankton, dwellers in small pools, are, however, ovoid, and Trochosphaera is spherical and must owe its floating powers to the low density of the liquid in its enormously dilated bodycavity.
  • Her pupils dilated as he neared, her breath quickening.
  • In both cases the socalled fruit is composed of the receptacle or upper end of the flower-stalk (the so-called calyx tube) greatly dilated, and enclosing within its cellular flesh the five cartilaginous carpels which constitute the "core" and are really the true fruit.
  • As early as six hours after the injury the polymorpho-nuclear leucocytes are seen passing in large numbers from the dilated and congested blood vessels of the tissues at the margin of the wound into the injured zone, where they carry on an active phagocytosis.