Sentence Examples

  • Her eyes were dry and glistening, her lips compressed, her cheeks sunken.
  • Compressed air is now driven down the 1-in.
  • When the trigeminus nerve is divided (Majendie), or when its root is compressed injuriously, say Iby a tubercular tumour, the cornea begins to show points of ulceration, which, increasing in area, may bring about total disintegration of the eyeball.
  • Abel, the cotton is ground into a pulp, a process which greatly facilitates the complete removal of acids, &c. This pulp is finally drained, and is then either compressed,while still moist, into slabs or blocks when required for blasting purposes, or it is dried when required for the manufacture of propellants.
  • All these and many subsequent attempts to utilize it, either loose or mechanically compressed in any way, signally failed.