Sentence Examples

  • The expression has meanwhile changed: the face is pale or livid; there are dark rings under the eyes; the features are pinched and sharp, and the whole skin shrunken; the fingers are dead white, the nails blue.
  • His figure was crooked, his limbs shrunken; his hair hung in dishevelled locks over his haggard countenance.
  • Two gates, the one of the time of Edward I., the other erected early in the 15th century, overlook the marshes; a third stands at a considerable distance west of the town, its position pointing the contrast between the extent of the ancient town and that of the shrunken village of to-day.
  • A few verses from the Psalms, the shrunken remainder of a whole Psalm.
  • In a few instances, such bodies, probably more than five thousand years old, have been found with skin and hair well preserved though dried and shrunken; usually everything but the bones has decayed.