Sentence Examples

  • He must train as a Knight under a wizened elder, losing first one guide and then another before he confronts his destiny, and the dark reality that his greatest enemy is his father.
  • The word "merlin" is so strongly associated with the image of the wise and wizened man that to describe something as a Merlin is to conjure the iconic image.
  • He shook his head, his gaze taking on a wizened look.
  • Her plump beauty was often remarked - notably by Washington Irving - in contrast to her husband's delicate and feeble figure and wizened face - for even in his prime Madison was, as Henry Adams says, "a small man, quiet, somewhat precise in manner, pleasant, fond of conversation, with a certain mixture of ease and dignity in his address."
  • "For thousands of years.  And then I wizened up and realized I'm just another gem in her collection."  Gabe's bitterness was quiet but evident.

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