Sentence Examples

  • 1685) he expounded a system based on the records of nearly 300 eclipses.
  • It was definitely expounded in an almost complete form in his work De l'auscultation mediate, published in 1819.
  • But the inconsistency has in part been explained by Gunkel, who has rightly emphasized that the writer did not freely invent his materials but derived them in the main from tradition, as he held that these mysterious traditions of his people were, if rightly expounded, forecasts of the time to come.
  • Early in 1503 Machiavelli drew up for Soderini a speech, Discorso sull y provisione del danaro, in which the duty and necessity of liberal expenditure for the protection of the state were expounded upon principles of sound political philosophy.
  • The publications in which Quesnay expounded his system were the following: - two articles, on "Fermiers" and on "Grains," in the Encyclopedie of Diderot and D'Alembert (1756, 1757); a discourse on the law of nature in the Physiocratie of Dupont de Nemours (1768); Maximes generale y de gouverriement economique d'un.