Sentence Examples

  • "To restrict his powers, he can move between Hell and the mortal world but not beyond without the permission of those deities who rule the other domains," Zamon continued.
  • While not large, the Immortal underworld was separated by several different domains, two of which – Hell and Death's domain - were contained within shields no one could enter.  At least, no normal Immortal or demon could enter.  As a creature of both worlds, Rhyn could enter Hell, and he'd found by visiting Gabe that he was able to enter Death's domain, too.
  • As an original worker Kundt was especially successful in the domains of sound and light.
  • Other main sources of revenue are: the domains and forests managed by the state; government monopolies, comprising tobacco, matches, gunpowder; posts, telegraphs, telephones; and state f The tax on land (pro prils non Mties) and that on buildings (pro prietes bhties) are included under the head of contribution foncihre.
  • The revenue, £190,000 of which is drawn from the state domains, stands at about £480,000 a year.

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