Sentence Examples

  • The first volume was expanded into three volumes, La Gaule romaine (1891), L' Invasion germanique et la fin de l'empire (1891)and La Monarchie franque(1 888), followed by three other volumes, L'Alleu et le domaine rural pendant l'epoque merovingienne (1889), Les Origines du systeme feodal: le benefice et le patronat..
  • Domaine geographique des confreries (Algiers, 1898), have special reference to the Islamic sects in Algeria.
  • The patrimonium, the tributa and the vectigalia are divisions parallel to the domaine, the contributions directes and the contributions indirectes of modern French administration; or the English " non-tax " revenue, inland revenue and " customs and excise."
  • A decree of the ist of July 1885 had, it is true, declared all "vacant lands" the property of the state (Domaine privé de Petal), but it was not for some time that this decree was so interpreted as to confine the lands of the natives to those they lived upon or "effectively" cultivated.
  • It was not until 1902 that the existence of the Domaine de la couronne was officially acknowledged.