Sentence Examples

  • After eight disgraceful months he left the government to John de Courci, but retained the title "Dominus Hiberniae."
  • Clyn the Franciscan annalist, whose Latinity is so far above the medieval level as almost to recall Tacitus, sums up Lysaght's career epigrammatically: " He was a slave, he became a master; he was a subject, he became a prince (de servo dominus, de subjecto princeps effectus)."
  • The subject - the descent of Christ into Hades to succour the souls of the just, as related in the apocryphal gospel of Nicodemus - is introduced in a kind of prologue; then follows the dispute between "Dominus" and "Satan" at the gate of Hell; the gatekeeper runs away, and the just are set free, while Adam, Eve, Habraham, David, Johannes and Moyses do homage to the deliverer.
  • It was therefore discarded in favour of domn (dominus, " lord"), which continued to be the official princely title up to the proclamation of a Rumanian kingdom in 1881.
  • Owed certain duties to the lord; he promised fidelity and service; and the lord was bound to perform reciprocal duties, not very clearly defined, to the vassal - Dominus vassallo conjux et amicus dicitur.

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