Sentence Examples

  • Sleek, fitted and impossibly elegant, this Dolce & Gabbana Camilla Cami and Briefs set is made for the woman who appreciates a clean silhouette, a demure hint of girly charm (thanks to the discreet ruffles) and a bold color.
  • So whether you want naughty to demure, racy to a little risqué, when it comes to black and red French lingerie, you can be certain to find it made from luxurious fabrics, complete with beautiful detailing and lace work.
  • For some couples, this may mean exotic lingerie that sends a clear message about what's in store; others may prefer more demure offerings and like the anticipation that comes with not knowing what's under each layer.
  • The award-winning series starred Sarah Jessica Parker as glitterati Carrie Bradshaw, Kristen Davis as demure Charlotte York, Kim Cattrall as sexpot Samantha Jones and Cynthia Nixon as workaholic Miranda Hobbes.
  • For example, Asian and Indian cultures traditionally raise women to be demure, giving way to the preferences of men, while the Latina culture traditionally produces strong women and family matriarchs.