Sentence Examples

  • The loss of the Meletta-Badenecche positions Deft another salient exposed to Austrian attack.
  • In some cases a post-tonic vowel other than a is preserved in Catalan, as, for example, when that vowel forms a diphthong with the tonic (Deft, D e us; Ebriu, He bred s); or, again, it sometimes happens, when the tonic is followed by an i in hiatus, that the i persists (diliivi, dilfivium; servici, servicium; lbi, lbium; ciri, cereus); but in many cases these ought to be regarded as learned forms, as is shown by the existence of parallel ones, such as servey, where the atonic i has been attracted by the tonic and forms a diphthong with it (servIci, scrvii, serve)?).
  • His are dishes of supreme quality, served by waiters so deft they could be performing ballet!
  • I keep scrapbooks, love to read, love cats and cards and skiing, and am not particularly deft at driving or cooking.
  • Julia, showing a surprisingly deft sympathetic streak, offers him tea and a seat for a while.

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