Sentence Examples

  • Her bright and airy living room decor is the personification of spring.
  • Your customers will eat what you have - but there are also opportunities to learn new recipes, acquire new ingredients, and update the decor and facilities of your restaurant which will improve their experience and earn you more money.
  • Blue votive candles are a popular decorative choice for many holidays and special occasions, and because they are available in many different shades and scents, there is always a way to add a beautiful something blue to your decor.
  • While improving the digs is an integral part of the Diner Dash experience -- buying more tables, expanding the decor, getting a karaoke stage, and so on -- it doesn't make as much sense in this context as in previous incarnations.
  • In addition, Decor My Eyes does offer a product guarantee that states that all of their sunglasses are brand new and have never been worn, that each is authentic and that checkout on all items purchased through the site is secure.