Sentence Examples

  • Her bright and airy living room decor is the personification of spring.
  • Primitive Country Friends Marketplace: This one-stop website compiles of dozens of online shops specializing in primitive country-style and Americana decor, as well as DIY guides and references for making your own home accents.
  • Decorative bags that hang on the door can be useful household items - they can double as both an decor item and an easy way to store and grab essentials that needed totes from room to room or need to be within easy reach.
  • Many people are probably unaware of how much planning and artistic talent goes into the decor and design ot all types of Dallas buildings, from doctors' offices to fast food restaurants to libraries to apartment homes.
  • Your customers will eat what you have - but there are also opportunities to learn new recipes, acquire new ingredients, and update the decor and facilities of your restaurant which will improve their experience and earn you more money.