Sentence Examples

  • The waters of Bahr-Assal are deeply impregnated with salt, which, in thick crusts, forms crescent-shaped round the banks - dazzling white when reflected by the sun.
  • It forms red crusts, is insoluble in cold water, but is decomposed by boiling water.
  • This product melts at 86° C., and becomes anhydrous when heated to 110° C. The anhydrous compound can also be prepared, as hard crusts melting at 146°, by crystallizing concentrated aqueous solutions at 30 to 35°.
  • After a month or so the plates are converted to a more or less considerable depth into crusts of white lead.
  • Columbium trichloride, CbC1 3, is obtained in needles or crystalline crusts, when the vapour of the pentachloride is slowly passed through a red-hot tube.