Sentence Examples

  • Kiera looked at Evelyn, astonished by her callous words.
  • The idea sickened her as much as his callous dismissal of the deaths of men who were a part of their Tiyan family.
  • They used to be described as the most cruel and treacherous people in the world, and they certainly are callous of the pain suffered by others, and regard any strategy of which their enemies are the victims with open admiration.
  • There was nothing heroic about Cecil or his policy; it involved a callous attitude towards struggling Protestants abroad.
  • A story describing how the domestic happiness of a young tutor, who marries the unacknowledged daughter of a Russian sensualist of the old type, dull, ignorant and genial, is troubled by a Russian sensualist of the new school, intelligent, accomplished and callous, without there being any possibility of saying who is most to be blamed for the tragic termination.

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