Sentence Examples

  • She'd built up a callus around her heart, one that got stronger and easier to maintain as she manipulated evil men.
  • She'd buried them under the callus she'd grown around her emotions.
  • It is from the actively growing callus developed at the surface of the wounded tissues of cuttings, buddings, prunings, &c., that the healing and .renewal of tissues occur of which advantage is taken in the practice of what might well be termed plant surgery.
  • Wounds.The principal phenomena resulting from a simple wound, and the response of the irritated c~lls in healing by cork and in the formation of callus, have been indicated abeve.
  • Frost blisters are pustular swellings due to the up-growth of callus-tissue into cavities caused by the uprising of the superficial cortex under the action of intense cold.

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