Sentence Examples

  • Credit, if given, was treated as a debt, and secured as a loan by the seller to be repaid by the buyer, for which he gave a bond.
  • A buyer had to convince himself of the seller's title.
  • Inasmuch as its action changed very materially with age, " the buyer should in all instances be informed, so that he may not be deceived."
  • Now, I say there is nothing more dangerous and disadvantageous to the buyer than land so left waste and out of heart; and therefore Cato counsels well to purchase land of one who has managed it well, and not rashly to despise and make light of the skill and knowledge of another."
  • Yarn is sold upon various terms, but a regular custom in the home trade is for the spinner to allow 4% discount, for payment in 14 days, of which 21 goes to the buyer, who is commonly a manufacturer, and 12 to the agent for sale and guaranteeing the account.

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