Sentence Examples

  • It serves for the thatching of roofs, for a papermaking material, for ornamenting small surfaces as a "strawmosaic," for plaiting into door and table mats, mattresses, &c., and for weaving and plaiting into light baskets, artificial flowers, &c. These applications, however, are insignificant in comparison with the place occupied by straw as a raw material for the straw bonnets and hats worn by both sexes.
  • The plaits are sewed partly by hand and in a special sewing-machine, and the hats or bonnets are finished by stiffening with gelatin size and blocking into shape with the aid of heat and powerful pressure, according to the dictates of fashion.
  • Among the Kamchadales " the skin of the bear," says a traveller, forms their beds and their coverlets, bonnets for their heads, gloves for their hands and collars for their dogs.
  • South Framingham has large manufactories of paper tags, shoes, boilers, carriage wheels and leather board; formerly straw braid and bonnets were the principal manufactures.
  • Kilmarnock rose into importance in the 17th century by its production of striped woollen "Kilmarnock cowls" and broad blue bonnets, and afterwards acquired a great name for its Brussels, Turkey and Scottish carpets.

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