Sentence Examples

  • The White and Black Gods never allowed the slayers to become immortal, no matter how bloodthirsty they were.
  • Wynn watched their exchange, fascinated by the idea of seeing two bloodthirsty deities try to outwit one another.
  • His gaze lifted, and he recalled vividly the last time he.d seen his parents in this very spot, when they were cut down by bloodthirsty demons during the only period in Immortal history when demons attacked humans.
  • The crime was selling a zillion newspapers as the bloodthirsty public read with glee details of the gruesome treasure hunt that continued throughout the week.
  • Xxxiv.), and that a detailed narrative tells of the bloodthirsty though pious Danites who sacked an Ephrairriite shrine on their journey to a new home (Judges xvii.

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