Sentence Examples

  • Some patients with EE/EG/EC are even fed elemental formulas via a gastrostomy tube or are limited to TPN (blood-vessel feeding) if the disease is severe with many complications.
  • Tea may repair blood-vessel damage and is thought to be protective against sunburn and skin cancer.
  • F, Constituent open between the filaments in filaments; trf, fibrous tissue of the irregular rows separated horitransverse inter-filamentar junczontally by the transverse intertions; v, blood-vessel ilj, Interfilmentar junctions.
  • They went no farther than Vienna, where Mr Hallam, returning to the hotel on the 15th of September 1833, found his son lying dead on a sofa: a blood-vessel had broken in his brain.
  • Tentacular blood-vessel arising from the cut arm-vessel in the small arm-sinus.