Sentence Examples

  • - Lanzi happily designates Sienese painting as "Lieta scuola fra lieto popolo" ("the blithe school of a blithe people").
  • Doing excellent things continually through all the 'seventies, when he was in late middle age - gaining scope in colour, having now so many notes - faithful no longer wholly to his amazing range of subtle greys, now blithe and silvery, now nobly deep - sending to the Salon great canvases, and to the few enlightened people who would buy them of him the toile or panel of most moderate size on which he best of all expressed himself - Boudin was yet not acceptable to the public or to the fashionable dealer.
  • Europeans are not quite so blithe on these matters, having seen the continent decimated twice in the past century by war.
  • Blithe assumption has for many years stalled large-scale, in-depth studies into the link between nutrition and behavior.
  • Blithe spirit was, for me, one of those plays I will never forget.

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