Sentence Examples

  • Something as simple as calling her sweetheart or pointing out her many attributes could put her in a romantic mood.
  • All conceptions which do not possess these two attributes - of being vivid in themselves and discriminated from all others - cannot be true.
  • In truth therefore these attributes do not belong to body at all; and if we go on in the same way testing the received qualities of matter, we shall find that in the last resort we understand nothing by it but extension, with the secondary and derivative characters of divisibility and mobility.
  • Spinoza derived from Crescas his distinction between attributes and properties; he shared Crescas's views on creation and free will, and in the whole trend of his thought the influence of Crescas is strongly marked.
  • Each community could speak of its own baal, although a collection of allied communities might share the same cult, and naturally, since the attributes ascribed to the individual baals were very similar, subsequent syncretism was facilitated.

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