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  • In monochromatic light, then, the interference pattern is characterized by three systems of curves: the curves of constant retardation p = const.; the lines of like polarization = const.; the curves of constant intensity I = const.
  • Thus, we have 1/2A(2+sin2 0 ~) + 1/2Cn2 + Mgh cos 0 const., (5)
  • Ofw= const., J
  • In Vorpommern and Rugen, and thus in the towns of Greifswald, Stralsund and Bergen, among others, the old civic const.itution~ remain unchanged.
  • In the notation of the calculus the relations become - dH/dp (0 const) = odv /do (p const) (4) dH/dv (0 const) =odp/do (v const) The negative sign is prefixed to dH/dp because absorption of heat +dH corresponds to diminution of pressure - dp. The utility of these relations results from the circumstance that the pressure and expansion co efficients are familiar and easily measured, whereas the latent heat of expansion is difficult to determine.

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