Sentence Examples

  • There is no doubt that the transmission of articulate sounds and speech over long distances without wires by means of electric waves is not only possible as an experimental feat but may perhaps come to be commercially employed.
  • In the first place, I laboured night and day before I could be understood even by my most intimate friends; in the second place, I needed Miss Sullivan's assistance constantly in my efforts to articulate each sound clearly and to combine all sounds in a thousand ways.
  • In a few lessons she learned nearly all of the English sounds, and in less than a month she was able to articulate a great many words distinctly.
  • Too much stress, it seems to me, is often laid upon the importance of teaching a deaf child to articulate--a process which may be detrimental to the pupil's intellectual development.
  • The untaught deaf child who is made to articulate does not know what the goal is, and his lessons in speech are for a long time tedious and meaningless.

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