Sentence Examples

  • Whereas at one time home fragrances were used to mask unpleasant smells, such as the smell of pets, tobacco or damp, today home fragrance is used to bring a special scent and aroma into the home to create a unique ambiance or mood.
  • Each ship combines the best in modern amenities with classic cruise traditions and a relaxed ambiance, perfect for experienced cruisers or vacationers who wish to escape from the more glitzy atmospheres of other megaships.
  • Whether you choose ample insect-inspired lenses paraded on the catwalk, or striking rectangular lenses that hit up the coffee house scene, the ambiance of your outfit can be fully accentuated by a proper choice of lenses.
  • No fast food restaurant is going to turn you away if you're without a jacket, but other dining establishments that are interested in promoting a certain ambiance and atmosphere want to keep the experience pleasant.
  • Getting married in Cocoa Beach has all the advantages of a beach wedding - the ambiance, the romance, and the freedom to be creative while saving a considerable amount of money often associated with facility fees.