Sentence Examples

  • The polygon of forces is then made up of segments of a vertical line.
  • The area of the polygon in fig.
  • If the polygon intersects itself, care must be taken to attribute to the different parts of the area their proper signs.
  • Thus ii AB, BC, CD represent the given loads, in the force-diagram, we construct the sides corresponding to OA, OB, OC, OD in the funicular; we then draw the closing line of the funicular polygon, and a parallel OE to it in the force diagram.
  • Then from the proportionality and parallelism sides of a triangle, there results the following of the load and the two resistances applied to each piece of the structure to the three theorem (originally due to Rankine): If from the angles of the polygon of loads there be drawn lines (Ri, R2, &c.), each of which is parallel to the resistance (as Pi F2, &c.) exerted FIG.