Sentence Examples

  • The polygon of forces is then made up of segments of a vertical line.
  • The area of the polygon in fig.
  • Then from the proportionality and parallelism sides of a triangle, there results the following of the load and the two resistances applied to each piece of the structure to the three theorem (originally due to Rankine): If from the angles of the polygon of loads there be drawn lines (Ri, R2, &c.), each of which is parallel to the resistance (as Pi F2, &c.) exerted FIG.
  • At the joint between the pieces to which the two loads reprfsented by the contiguous sides of the polygon of loads (such as L1, L2, &c.) are applied; then will all those lines meet in one point (0), and their lengths, measured from that point to the angles of Ike polygon, will represent the magnitudes of the resistances to which they are respectively parallel.
  • This polygon is the partial polygon of resistance.

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