Sentence Examples

  • Thus the poison of various insects induces in plants the cellular new formation known as a gall-nut; a foreign body implanted in a limb may become encysted in a capsule of fibrous tissue; septic matter introduced into the abdomen will cause proliferation of the lining endo(epi)thelium; and placing an animal (salamander, Galeotti) in an ambient medium at a higher temperature than that to which it is accustomed naturally, increases the rapidity of celldivision of its epithelium with augmentation of the number of karyokinetic figures.
  • These are short segments of filaments consisting of a few cells which disengage themselves from the ambient jelly, if it be present, in virtue of a peculiar creeping movement which they possess at this stage.
  • Around the three and a half minute mark, ' Battle ' suddenly includes a beautiful, almost ambient section of music.
  • Clicking noises, echo, very ambient, switching back to a main melodic thread.
  • Sound Cheesy voice acting, above average sound effects and a suitably ambient background track are what you'll find here.

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