Sentence Examples

  • Bridget's excellent diction was just loud enough to create an ambient echo which rather suited her careful English tones.
  • Whether you're looking for rhythms to accompany a Power Yoga routine, world music to lift up your morning, peaceful meditation sounds, or even ambient lounge to set a mood, there are more than 200 artists to enjoy on omstream.
  • The biggest difference with the GeoSpring is the air filtration system that uses a compressor and an evaporator to pull ambient heat from the air and transfer it to the water through coils that wrap around the holding tank.
  • Just as paranormal investigators remove sensory stimuli when reviewing evidence of their ghost hunts, you can also benefit from the removal of external stimuli such as ambient light and background noise.
  • On less expensive goggles, a simpler intensify tube is used to excite electrons coming from the ambient light and to project images, much as tubes in your television work to project images on the screen.