Sentence Examples

  • He nodded and leaned down, encircling the goat's legs with his arms.
  • The Arpad kings had succeeded in encircling their whole southern frontier with half a dozen military colonies or banates, comprising, roughly speaking, Little Walachia, 2 and the northern parts of Bulgaria, Servia and Bosnia.
  • The results of the theory of the diffraction patterns due to circular apertures admit of an interesting application to coronas, such as are often seen encircling the sun and moon.
  • Dean stepped to the sidewalk and waited for Cynthia to emerge from the church, but when she did, a crowd of friends and well wishers surrounded her, with the Mayer-the-leech encircling her shoulder with his scummy arm.
  • She buried her face in Keaton's chest, but the arms encircling her provided little comfort.