Sentence Examples

  • Shading the glass with canvas or washes during the summer months has the same object in view.
  • The general colour of the surface is black above and grey below, the colours gradually shading into each other.
  • A large space around the greatly developed callosities on the buttocks, as well as the upper part of the insides of the thighs, is naked and of a crimson colour, shading off on the sides to lilac or blue, which, depending upon injection of the superficial blood-vessels, varies in intensity according to the condition of the animal - increasing under excitement, fading during sickness, and disappearing after death.
  • They do not need shading, but should have plenty of air, and be syringed daily in the afternoon.
  • Broadly speaking it may be said that a distinction may be drawn between " spirits " and " gods," but it is a distinction of degree rather than of kind, obvious enough at the upper end, yet shading off into manifold varieties of resemblance in the lower forms. Some writers only recognize friendly agencies as gods; but destructive powers like the volcano, or the lords of the underworld, cannot be regarded as the protectors of the life of man, yet they seem in many mythologies to attain the full personalised stature of gods with definite names.

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