Sentence Examples

  • The decline of military alliances and the rise of economic ones.
  • Claims a few words, though its scope is rather to show differences than affinities; but treatment of that kind is undoubtedly useful at times in indicating that alliances generally admitted are unnatural; and this is the case here, for, following Calvier's method, the author's researches prove the artificial character of some of its associations.
  • But his plans were traversed again and again by unforeseen complications, the failure of the most promising presumptions, the perpetual shifting of apparently stable alliances; and again and again he had to modify his means to attain his ends.
  • He encouraged the princes to form alliances for its maintenance, and at the time of his death such alliances existed in all parts of the country.
  • The idea of possibly running into people whose alliances she couldn't predict made her queasy.