Sentence Examples

  • Roithner, Monats., 1896, 17, p. 172); by the fusion of 0-aminopropionic acid with urea; by the electrolytic reduction of barbituric acid (J.
  • The same policy of fusion was furthered by the great marriage festival at Susa, when Alexander took two more wives from the Persian royal house, married a number of his generals to Oriental princesses, and even induced as many as he could of the rank-and-file to take Asiatic wives.
  • We haven't even begun to figure out all the ways we might get unlimited free and clean power from nuclear fission or fusion or other ways to unlock the vast power stored in the atom.
  • All around the world, scientists are racing to create hot fusion reactors.
  • The United States is spending billions on fusion, the Chinese announced they are training two thousand fusion scientists, and a fusion research facility is being built in France that will cost U.S. $20 billion.

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