Sentence Examples

  • Your powers will soon know no depths, and you'll be able to unite the realms.
  • "Wait, you're not insisting we marry to unite the two families or something elitist, are you?" she asked.
  • You think he means to unite them?
  • The addition of Nergal represents the harmonizing tendency to unite with Ereshkigal as the queen of the nether-world the god who, in his character as god of war and of pestilence, conveys the living to Irkalla and thus becomes the one who presides over the dead.
  • Meanwhile he received a careful education at Lorenzo's brilliant humanistic court under such men as Angelo Poliziano, the classical scholar, Pico della Mirandola, the philosopher and theologian, the pious Marsilio Ficino who endeavoured to unite the Platonic cult with Christianity and the poet Bernardo Dovizio Bibbiena.

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