Sentence Examples

  • The Pipe Roll of Cloyne, compiled by Bishop Swaffham in 1364, is a remarkable record embracing a full account of the feudal tenures of the see, the nature of the impositions, and the duties the purl homines Sancti Colmani were bound to perform at a very early period.
  • In the spirit of his age he denounced the relics of medieval institutions, such as entails and tenures in mortmain.
  • The law for a long time took no notice of these customary tenures, and did not systematically constitute them until the 4th century.
  • The biens nobles (fiefs) and the biens ecclesiastiques were exempt; tenures roturieres, however, by whomsoever held, were taxed.
  • In the new constitution clauses were inserted abolishing feudal tenures and limiting future leases of agricultural land to a period of twelve years.