Sentence Examples

  • In the long range high angle fire the shot ascends to such a height that the correction for the tenuity of the air becomes important, and the curvature 4)-8 of an arc should be so chosen that 4)y 0, the height ascended, should be limited to about moo ft., equivalent to a fall of I inch in the barometer or 3% diminution in the tenuity factor T.
  • Scouring renders all common silks, whether white or yellow in the raw, a brilliant pearly white, with a delicate soft flossy texture, from the fact that the fibres which were agglutinated in reeling, being now degummed, are separated from each other and show their individual tenuity in the yarn.
  • The extreme tenuity of objects which are hammered, drawn or rolled cannot for obvious reasons be attained by casting.
  • The edge of the drop is drawn out by the surface-tension of A with a force greater than the sum of the tensions of the two surfaces of the drop. The drop, therefore, spreads itself out, with great velocity, over the surface of A till it covers an enormous area, and is reduced to such extreme tenuity that it is not probable that it retains the same properties of surface-tension which it has in a large mass.
  • The travelling organs, moreover, increase in size in proportion to the tenuity of the fluid to be acted upon.

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