Sentence Examples

  • A look at some of the swimwear being offered by the industry's most sought-after designers and manufacturers will give you an idea of what to wear this summer, whether you plan a beach vacation or a pool party.
  • Though the Spy bag has gone through several colors and material changes, from leather to alligator and even to sequins, the basic style has remained the same over the years and it is still one of the most sought-after Fendi handbags.
  • While a honeymoon can be planned for virtually anywhere, some of the most sought-after honeymoon hotspots are those that have nice weather and/or climates, plenty of easily available activities, and a romantic feel.
  • Whether it's the swoosh of the bay doors or the various blips and beeps of the tricorder, it is no surprise that Star Trek sounds are some of the most sought-after sound effects on the Internet.
  • In the company's early years, the wines were auctioned off or given away as Christmas presents, but by the end of the 1980s the wine was so sought-after that the company began full production.