Sentence Examples

  • On the popular reality TV show Survivor, Jonny Fairplay stood out in the beginning as a sneaky contestant who was willing to step on toes in order to get ahead.
  • Perhaps he/she refuses to see your talents and continually bypasses you when it comes to promotions, he/she may have questionable ethics, or you may just have the sneaky suspicion that your boss just doesn't like you.
  • Most of the time, the let-down has nothing to do with whether you are attractive, fit, or a snappy dresser; it has much more to do with the appearance of being sneaky or dishonest in representing yourself.
  • Or, since you're 14, you could be really sneaky, have a mutual friend very subtlety tell your friend that you like him, and see what he does about it.
  • Trying to buy gifts for board game lovers is not as easy as it sounds, but with a little sneaky behavior and attention to detail you may just find yourself putting a smile on their face.