Sentence Examples

  • She made extensive use of alliteration in her writing and was particularly fond of words that began with the letter S.
  • Additionally, it s worth noting that Perfect Details also takes custom orders, so if you'd like to slightly tweak some of the styles you see to suit your own taste, be sure to inquire about doing just that to match your wedding style.
  • These features of the editor make it easy for even the novice user to generate s MySpace page that has a sense of the personal about it, and will help in retaining the interest of those who come to the page for a casual visit.
  • S. Department of Commerce's Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) reported in 1997 that one married father in four provided care for at least one child under the age of 15 while the child's mother was working.
  • Pearlwort (Sagina) - The only species worthy of culture is the Lawn Pearlwort (S. glabra), a plant generally known in consequence of its failure some years since as a substitute for lawn grass, though it has not answered expectations.