Sentence Examples

  • The declaration is to the effect that the clergyman has not received the presentation in consideration of any sum of money, reward, gift, profit or benefit directly or indirectly given or promised by him or any one for him to any one; that he has not made any promise of resignation other than that allowed by the Clerical Resignation Bonds Act 1828; that he has not for any money or benefit procured the avoidance of the benefice; and that he has not been party to any agreement invalidated by sec. 3 sub-sec. 3 of the act which invalidates any agreement for the exercise of a right of patronage in favour or on the nomination of any particular person, and any agreement on the transfer of a right of patronage (a) for the retransfer of the right, or (b) for postponing payment of any part of the consideration for the transfer until a vacancy or for more than three months, or (c) for payment of interest until a vacancy or for more than three months, or (d) for any payment in respect of the date at which a vacancy occurs, or (e) for the resignation of a benefice in favour of any person.
  • Persons who have held the licence to trade (sec FINANCE) for five years and upwards.
  • Taking two planes x = =b, and considering the increase of momentum in the liquid between them, due to the entry and exit of liquid momentum, the increase across dy in the direction Oy, due to elements at P and P' at opposite ends of the diameter PP', is pdy (U - Ua 2 r2 cos 20 +mr i sin 0) (Ua 2 r 2 sin 2 0+mr 1 cos 0) + pdy (- U+Ua 2 r 2 cos 2 0 +mr1 sin 0) (Ua 2 r 2 sin 2 0 -mr 1 cos 0) =2pdymUr '(cos 0 -a 2 r 2 cos 30), (8) and with b tan r =b sec this is 2pmUdo(i -a 2 b2 cos 30 cos 0), (9) and integrating between the limits 0 = 27r, the resultant, as before, is 27rpmU.
  • Well as of the body from the vector OF to O'F' requires an impulse couple, tending to increase the angle F00', of magnitude, in sec. foot-pounds F.00'.sin FOO'=FVt sin (0-0), (4) equivalent to an incessant couple N=FV sin (0-0) = (F sin 0 cos 0-F cos 0 sin ¢)V = (c 2 -c i) (V /g) sin 0 cos 4) =W'(13-a)uv/g (5) This N is the couple in foot-pounds changing the momentum of the medium, the momentum of the body alone remaining the same; the medium reacts on the body with the same couple N in the opposite direction, tending when c 2 -c 1 is positive to set the body broadside to the advance.
  • Consider, for example, a submarine boat under water; the inertia is different for axial and broadside motion, and may be represented by (1) c 1 =W+W'a, c2=W+W'/3' where a, R are numerical factors depending on the external shape; and if the C.G is moving with velocity V at an angle 4) with the axis, so that the axial and broadside component of velocity is u = V cos 0, v =V sin 4), the total momentum F of the medium, represented by the vector OF at an angle 0 with the axis, will have components, expressed in sec. Ib, F cos 0 =c 1 - = (W +W'a) V cos 43, F sin 0 = c 2.11 = (W +W'/3) V sin 4) .