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reversed, reverses, reversing
Turned backward; opposite or contrary, as in position, direction, order, etc.
Webster's New World
With the back showing or in view.
Webster's New World
Acting or moving in a way or direction opposite or contrary to the usual.
Webster's New World
Reversing the usual effect so as to show white letters, etc. on a black background.
Webster's New World
Causing movement backward or in the opposite direction.
Reverse gear.
Webster's New World
The opposite or contrary of something.
Webster's New World
The back or rear part.
The reverse of the flyer.
American Heritage
The back or rear of something; specif., the side, as of a coin or medal, not bearing the main image or design.
Webster's New World
The act or an instance of reversing; change to the opposite.
Webster's New World
A change from good fortune to bad; defeat, check, or misfortune.
Webster's New World
reversed, reverses, reversing
To turn backward, in an opposite position or direction, upside down, or inside out.
Webster's New World
To turn inside out or upside down.
Reverse a jacket.
American Heritage
To cause to go or move backward or in an opposite direction.
Webster's New World
To exchange or transpose.
Webster's New World
To change or set aside (a lower court's decision).
American Heritage

(now rare) In a reverse way or direction; upside-down. [from 14th c.]

reverse (one's) field
  • To turn and proceed in the opposite direction.
American Heritage

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  • reverse (one's) field

Origin of Reverse

  • From Anglo-Norman revers (noun, adjective), reversser (verb), Middle French revers (noun, adjectve), reverser (verb), and their source, Latin reversus (past participle), reversare (verb), from re- + versāre.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English revers from Old French from Latin reversus past participle of revertere to turn back revert

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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